Our circular process

    Analysis of the purification need

    Our engineers work with each customer to assess their purification needs, based on the components and concentrations in the air, gas, water, liquid or soil. Our experience and expertise guide us in determining the optimal filter unit and carbon grade, supported by lab and/or pilot tests.

    Delivery and installation of the mobile filter

    With strategically located logistics hubs, and large stocks of activated carbon filters, we deliver rapidly if required. Filters are quick and easy to install, and take up only a small space. Multiple units may be installed in series or in parallel, depending on the need. Once connected, they start purifying air or water flows immediately. That’s what we mean by plug-and-play! Our 24/7 service means you’re assured of ongoing support.

    Filtration and adsorption of impurities

    Filters contain carefully selected activated carbon, which acts as a sponge to adsorb unwanted molecules in the air or liquid. They handle varying concentrations and components, and set-ups are easily adapted to meet changing requirements. Once the carbon is saturated, the filter unit is immediately exchanged in a dust-free process with minimal production downtime to ensure continual purification of the air or water. So your company can focus on its core business, leaving purification up to us.

    Recycling and reactivation or production of activated carbon

    The closed filter is transported to our facilities where the carbon is safely emptied. It is recycled wherever possible by our innovative thermal reactivation process, reducing the usage of raw materials, lowering our carbon footprint, and cutting customers’ costs. From the summer of 2024, we'll produce activated carbon from high-sulphur loaded spent activated carbon thus closing the loop in the biogas market with EU-made carbon.

    Full neutralisation of all components

    All contaminants desorbed from the saturated carbon are completely destroyed in our state-of-the-art processes and flue gas treatment systems. Every useful residue product is recuperated, pushing our operations towards 100% circularity. The energy that’s generated is reused, both in our carbon reactivation processes and to heat our buildings. Our facilities and their emissions comply with environmental laws, and are continuously monitored to ensure that only harmless water vapour exits the chimneys.

Our commitments to you

Our filtration solutions

We are your single point-of-contact for all your industrial filtration requirements. Our service includes guiding you to the right solution for your company’s air and water purification needs, providing rental mobile filters, handling filtration waste sustainably, and offering ongoing 24/7 support. We make industrial purification simple and sustainable.

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